Poets Reading the News

Abigail Carl-Klassen is a staff writer at Poets Reading the News.

“To All the Apostates in Trump Country”

“An Open Letter to Joe Arpaio”

“Ain’t Country Like You” (with audio)

“What is Family Detention? (with audio)

“Afterimages” (with audio)

“Looking for Mamá: Honduras Election Protests, December, 2017”

“La Brigada Migrante”

“What I Remember about DACA on the Eve of it’s Repeal”

“For El Chahuis: Homage to Norberto Santa Cruz Who Died in Police Custody”


“Light Work”

“Crosswords Not Counseling I”

“What I Think When I See #alllivesmatter”

“African Migrants in Latin America”

“After Attica: Found Poems on Prison Labor”

“No Man Left Behind (Minutes Without a Veteran Suicide: 65)

“Remembering Juan Gabriel: Un Día Con El Divo de Juárez”